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Tehya Shea-Minger




Raised in Nevada City, California, I have a deep love of, and respect for, nature and the outdoor world; I find that what makes me come alive in my work is to be able to weave in that which I am passionate about with the technical side so that when my work day is through, I know that I am making a difference. I approach both life and work with honesty, commitment and compassion. To me, there is nothing more rewarding than working on a project that has substance and depth, that I can stand behind and really give my heart to.



For the past ten years, I have been managing all aspects of designing and developing Wordpress and Squarespace websites for small businesses across the world. I have worked solo and also as a consultant and collaborator on larger projects; I find time and time again that what feeds me the most and makes me light up about a project is the process of collaboration and teamwork that comes when I can fully give myself to a project and work with the client or team to create an end-product that we are really proud of.

Whether it is working with a client to consult on their already existing website, to help refine it to better represent them, or starting from scratch and creating an online presence that feels similar to meeting them or working with them in person, my ability to weave together the design aspects with the technical side of coding is a skill that comes in handy across the board.



Client Reviews

Tehya has been a phenomenal partner on our team. From overall design to smaller tweaks, larger tech issues and everything in between, she has been fantastic. What I most appreciate is her collaborative nature, her willingness to get the job done no matter what it takes, her creativity in both problem solving and visual work itself, and her incredibly broad scope of knowledge. We are grateful to have her holding our hand through navigating all aspects of our web presence.
— Jilan Carroll Glorfield
Knowing how to communicate so clearly with her clients is one of the things that makes Tehya such a gem. She has an ability to know exactly what you are wanting before you even do, and patiently helps guide you through the process. I was deeply satisfied with the collaborative work we did and look forward to working with her in the future.
— Salihah Moore
We give Tehya 5 stars for her excellent website work. We have been working with Tehya the last few years on our E-Commerce site and she is the best web developer our firm has ever hired. She is very talented, thorough, fast and has a trained eye to assemble the best layout for your content. Her communication skills are another great asset, and she always helps to make sure we understand where we are going and how we are getting there. We interviewed many developers before coming across Tehya, and we are thrilled we’ve had the opportunity to work with her. As a woman of many talents, she has also designed advertisements for our firm as well as created outstanding Mailchimp campaigns.
— Carola May